Scarborough Ontario

Scarborough Ontario is an ethnically and culturally diverse district in the East side of Toronto, Canada. Please use the guide below to find out more information about this wonderful location.


Scarborough Ontario is an ethnically and culturally diverse district in the East side of Toronto, Canada. According to a 2016 census, the population of Scarborough is approximately 632,098 inhabitants. The region of Scarborough divides into several neighborhoods that each have a unique and distinct real estate market.

These Neighborhoods Include:

  • Birch Cliff
  • Oakridge
  • Cliffside
  • Cliffcrest
  • Scarborough Village
  • Guildwood
  • West Hill
  • Port Union
  • West Rough
  • Rough Hill
  • Highland Creek
  • Woburn
  • Bendale
  • Scarborough Junction
  • Clairlea
  • Malvern
  • Hillside
  • Dorse Park
  • Wexford
  • Maryvale
  • L’Amoreaux
  • Agincourt
  • Milliken

Scarborough Weather

Scarborough has a semi-continental climate, with a hot, humid summer and a cold, brisk winter. Due to it’s proximity to Lake Ontario, there is a “lake-effect” that causes the weather in Scarborough to have slightly better conditions than other parts of the province.

Scarborough Weather Network

Scarborough Town Centre

The Scarborough Town Center also known as STC is a large shopping center situated in the middle of Scarborough, directly across from the main station and bus terminal. Having easy access to this mall from all parts of the city makes life easier for locals by saving them from a long drive to downtown.

Scarborough Towncentre

Scarborough Hospital

Scarborough has 3 main hospital locations;

3050 Lawrence Ave. E.
Scarborough, Ontario M1P 2V5

3030 Birchmount Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario M1W 3W3

2867 Ellesmere Road
Scarborough, ON M1E 4B9

The main website to all 3 is linked below:

Scarborough Hospital

Scarborough Schools

The most important thing any family should consider when planning on moving to Scarborough is finding out what schools are located in each particular area.

Luckily, Scarborough is home to a large variety of public, Catholic and private elementary and secondary schools. These schools are distributed somewhat evenly throughout the area, making it easy for you and your children to access their local educational facilities.

Scarborough Elementary School List:

Scarborough Secondary School List:

Scarborough Post-Secondary Schools

Scarborough is home to two very large and established post-secondary school campuses. This greatly benefits the surrounding neighborhoods due to the high demand for student rentals and the shortage of available student housing units on campus.