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Are you planning on selling your Scarborough home and need help getting it on the market? Andrew Shevtsov is the real estate agent for you.

Free Property Evaluation

Are you wondering what your Scarborough home will sell for in the current market? Andrew offers 100% free property appraisals and consultations.

No Hidden Fees

When selling with Andrew, all of your fees, closing costs and taxes will be broken down to you before you make any decisions. There are no surprises when working with Andrew.

100% Commitment

Whether you are ready to buy or sell your home tomorrow, or two years from now, Andrew will happily answer any of your real estate questions.

Selling Your Home The Right Way

When you decide to sell your home, you typically have two concerns; time and money. Any real estate agent can underprice a property and have it sold quickly, but it takes a real expert to give you the best of both worlds. When you work with us, Andrew’s goal is to get your home sold for the best price possible but also in a reasonable timeframe that satisfies your needs. To accomplish this goal, Andrew uses his expert local knowledge and sales skills to attract the right buyers to your home that generate offers and deals.

Verified 5 Star Reviews

“I met Andrew about 2.5 years ago when I was first interested in purchasing a home. I’ve been talking back and forth with him all this time and Andrew has answered every single question and email I sent him in depth. Andrew exceeded all my expectations and throughout the process, he was always keeping in touch making sure everything was going smoothly and if I needed any help to just ask. A+ service. Thank you so much, Andrew!”

Lauren, Happy Buyer

“Andrew was upfront, helpful, amicable and patient with our many questions and insecurities. He really helped us progress through the process at a nice pace. We did not feel any pressure or distrust from or towards him at all; he was respectful and accommodating to our family and friends that accompanied us at viewings. We are very grateful to have met him and to have him as our Real Estate agent.”

Aislynn, Happy Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

The first step in the process of listing your home is contacting Andrew by phone or email. Once you explain all your needs to Andrew, he will book a meeting with you at your home. During this meeting, Andrew will asses the property and break down his plan for getting it sold. If you are satisfied with Andrew’s plan you can sign an agreement with him and he will start the proccess of getting your home phootgraphed and listed on MLS.

How long does the process take?

Once you officially agree to have Andrew represent your home on the market, it takes less than a week to get listed on MLS. The time for your property to sell depends entirely on timing, price point, location, and multiple other variables. Andrew and his team do whatever they can in their power to get your home sold as quickly as possible and for the highest price.

What locations do you serve?

Our office is located in Scarborough Ontario, and we specialize in serving the entire region. These neighborhoods include the following; Birch Cliff, Oakridge, Cliffside, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village, Guildwood, West Hill, Port Union, West Rough, Rough Hill, Highland Creek, Woburn, Bendale, Scarborough Junction, Clairlea, Malvern, Hillside, Dorse Park, Wexford, Maryvale, L’Amoreaux, Agincourt, and Milliken.

What is a home evaluation?

Andrew Shevtsov offers a complimentary home evaluation to all potential clients interested in selling their Scarborough properties. A home evaluation is a thorough walkthrough and examination of your home and its surrounding neighborhood. Through examining your home’s condition, size, and neighborhood, Andrew will be able to produce an acurate estimation of your home’s value in the current market.

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