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Are you planning on buying a condo, townhouse, or a detached house in Scarborough Ontario? Andrew Shevtsov is the real estate agent for you.

Zero Hidden Fees

When buying with Andrew, all of your fees, closing costs and taxes will be broken down and explained to you. There are no surprises when working with Andrew.

Local Area Expertise

Andrew Shevtsov knows every neighborhood in Scarborough like the back of his hand. Want to make sure you buy in the right area? Contact Andrew today with any questions.

Always Reachable

Andrew is always one text, email or call away from answering all of your questions. Found a property you want to view? Contact Andrew to help you out.

Buying a Home The Right Way

When you decide to buy a property, your main concern is finding a home that meets all your needs and most importantly, your budget. Meeting those requirements can be a challenging task in the Scarborough market which is why working with the right agent is so important. Andrew Shevtsov is an expert local real estate agent that knows the Scarborough market like the back of his hand. Whether you are buying a condo, a house, or anything in between, Andrew will know precisely how to match you to your dream home. His expert negotiation skills will help you not only seal the deal but also get you the best price possible.

Verified 5 Star Reviews

“I met Andrew about 2.5 years ago when I was first interested in purchasing a home. I’ve been talking back and forth with him all this time and Andrew has answered every single question and email I sent him in depth. Andrew exceeded all my expectations and throughout the process, he was always keeping in touch making sure everything was going smoothly and if I needed any help to just ask. A+ service. Thank you so much, Andrew!”

Lauren, Happy Buyer

“Andrew was upfront, helpful, amicable and patient with our many questions and insecurities. He really helped us progress through the process at a nice pace. We did not feel any pressure or distrust from or towards him at all; he was respectful and accommodating to our family and friends that accompanied us at viewings. We are very grateful to have met him and to have him as our Real Estate agent.”

Aislynn, Happy Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

The first step to buying any property is getting pre-approved by your bank for a mortgage so that you know the exact budget you can afford. The next step is to create a realistic wishlist of all your desired property characteristics. Once you have those two things, you can present them to your real estate agent and start viewing properties that meet your requirements. When you find a home that you want to purchase, you make an offer and negotiate until it is accepted.

How long does the buying process take?

Assuming that you are already pre-approved to buy a home within a specific budget, you can own a property in as little time as a week. Of course, that would be considered the minimum amount of time. Most property searches can last months, and once you do finally find the right property and agree on a price, you will have to wait for the closing period to end before you take possession of the property. Closing periods take around three months, but they can be negotiated down to any timeframe.

What locations do you serve?

Our office is located in Scarborough Ontario, and we specialize in serving the entire region. These neighborhoods include the following; Birch Cliff, Oakridge, Cliffside, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village, Guildwood, West Hill, Port Union, West Rough, Rough Hill, Highland Creek, Woburn, Bendale, Scarborough Junction, Clairlea, Malvern, Hillside, Dorse Park, Wexford, Maryvale, L’Amoreaux, Agincourt, and Milliken.

How do you view a property that is for sale?

When you find a property that is for sale, and you wish to view it in person, your best option is to go with a local real estate agent that represents you. Just tell your agent the address of your desired properties, and they will be able to schedule the necessary appointments.

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