When planning to sell your home, you should always do whatever it takes to get the maximum return on your investment. But this doesn’t always mean tearing down your house and starting from scratch. The truth is most homeowners are far too busy with their everyday lives to take on a project of that magnitude. Even a simple renovation like opening up some interior walls or refinishing a kitchen or bathroom may be too much to handle for most people. That is why we recommend strategically choosing to make improvements that will have the most significant impact on the sale of your home, and one of those things is boosting your energy rating.

Why it is Important

Homebuyers are increasingly aware of the advantages of energy efficient homes. When a home is more efficient, that means less monthly expenses and more money in the homeowners pocket. But how does one quantify how energy efficient a house is? The standard measurement of home energy efficiency is known as an energy rating. In Ontario, Canada the scale we use is the EnerGuide, which is a rating system ranging from 0-100 (zero being the worst and 100 being perfect).


Where to Start

The first step to increasing your energy rating is finding out where you currently stand. The best way to do this is to contact your regional utility company and request an energy audit. Not only will you have an expert examine and rate your property but they will also give you advice on exactly what improvements to make in order to boost your rating dramatically. Depending on the time of the year and your specific location, there may also be government-sponsored grant and incentive programs that will help cut costs on your renovations.Scarborough Energuide Rating


The easiest and quickest improvements you can make to your home is replacing your current appliances with newer, energy efficient models. Large household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and ovens can have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of your home. We suggest visiting your local appliance seller and find the most affordable energy-efficient replacements for your appliances. Then once you finish doing your research, you will have a clear picture of what each machine will cost you and if it is worth efficient appliances


In areas such as Scarborough Ontario, where the weather is overly cold in the winter and excessively hot in the summer, it becomes very costly to keep the temperature in your home controlled. If the heat in the winter or cool air in the summer easily escapes your home, then the best solution is to upgrade your insulation. The only issue is that the only way to access your old insulation is to remove your drywall which will cause the entire house will become a construction zone.


One of the most impactful modifications you can make to your home without having to tear down your walls is replacing your windows. Windows are by far one of the most flawed aspects of an older home. The technology incorporated in windows today far surpasses anything that was available in the past. By installing new windows, you minimize the amount of waste that happens whenever heating or cooling your home, therefore significantly improving your energy score.

Time to Sell

Once you complete your modifications, it will be time to have an additional audit made so that you can get your new and improved energy rating. One final thing: If you proceed with modifications, be sure to make it known when the time comes to sell. Your real estate agent may help you market your home as energy efficient. Make sure to provide your agent with utility bills or your energy rating so that the information can be presented as a selling point to potential buyers.

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Any More Questions?

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